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Rose Injera Grill
Rose Injera Grill
Rose Injera Grill

Rose Injera Grill

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The most efficient grill designed from ground up specifically to make injera. Our first product, Rose Injera Grill uses induction technology to heat injera in a uniform and consistent way. Induction technology is 80% efficient compared to current grills that use resistance coils to generate heat, wasting the majority of the electric power heating the air around instead of the injera. Our injera grill heats up to cooking temperature in seconds because all the energy is directed to the food instead of heating the grill itself first.

The frame is made out of carefully carved wood with the use of CNC machining. The top is a sleek and beautiful ceramic plate. The magnetic energy passes the ceramic plate and heat the cooking plate so you can remove the cooking plate after cooking or use multiple cooking plates for multiple use cases.


Voltage: 120v (220v coming soon)

Plate Diameter: 16 inches

Plate Material: Ceramic

Weight: 20 lbs

Exterior Material: Wood

Power source: Induction