Meet Rose, a Timeless Injera Grill

Rose Injera Maker

Our first product, the Rose Injera Grill is a beautifully made, induction based injera grill. First of its kind, the Rose injera maker was designed from the ground up to be safe, energy efficient and a beautiful center piece to any kitchen it finds itself in.


Tradition Inspired Design

When we set out to design the grill, we wanted to look back at the very first traditional injera stoves found in countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia. With a solid foundation in culture, we started implementing elements of those first grills, starting with the shape. The circular, angled shape of the Rose Injera grill is taken straight out of the very first stoves still found today in rural East Africa.

Traditional East African Clay Stoves
After the shape, we looked at materials. Clay and wood are used heavily every day in our culture, and because we used a traditionally different heating technology, we were found ways to integrate those materials safely.
We used CNC machines to carefully and precisely carve out the shape we wanted from wood and we topped off the grill with a beautiful piece of glazed ceramic. In fact, ceramic is used as the cooking platform in the traditional stoves.

Safe and Efficient

The Rose Injera Grill uses induction technology to heat the injera. Induction is known to be the most efficient way to cook as it wastes little energy. To compare, typical injera grills today use resistance coils to heat up the grill which in turn heats up the injera. At best, 50%-60% of the power consumed by the grills will actually heat up the grills. The Rose Injera Grill heating platform is 80%+ efficient. This is achievable because the Rose Injera Grill wastes no energy heating up itself, instead all the energy is directed towards the Injera. For people who cook often, this is a big deal, because no one wants a high electric bill.



We designed the Rose Injera Grill to be extremely modular. The cooking plate, which sits on the ceramic, is entirely removable from the grill. In fact, the Rose Grill won't heat up - even if its ON - without the cooking plate placed on it. This makes it very child safe. By having a removable cooking plate, you are able to wash the plate separately in a dishwasher and keep your beautiful grill clean at all times. Another advantage to having a removable plate is your ability to have several multiple plates so you can keep cooking even if one is in the washer or say if you're cooking himbasha (flour bread) and injera (teff bread) in one go.



The Rose Injera Grill comes in different colors so you can pick one that fits the overall aesthetic of your kitchen; because the Rose Injera Grill is meant to be shown off, not stowed away after use.