About Us


Our philosophy is simple, we make products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing first and foremost. We do not make products based on how easy they are to manufacture. By focusing on you, the customer, first and not how fast or easy we can make our products for production, we make sure what goes out our door is not just another product you’ll have to replace or regret buying.


We always start with thinking of ourselves like customers. Every product starts with “would any of us buy this?” If the answer is not a unanimous yes, then the product does not make it past the concept phase.


We design and produce prototypes in house on a constant basis, some taking days, others months; what you see has passed the utmost scrutiny. We strive to make our products the best you can get and serve you a lifetime.



We have been working with the same production partners since our inception. Every piece is designed and hand made in house first, then delivered for production physically by us so we can ensure our partners have everything they need (we also just love seeing our production partners). We believe the human element is the most important of everything we do, which is why we make products that bring people together and make every customer’s life easier. Everything starts at home and ends at home, so if we can make those parts easier for you, we trust you’ll take care of the rest.


Our products are 100% made in U.S.A. Our partners are all people we have met and see regularly. Because we partner with local businesses for production, we are able to keep all our products affordable and that will forever our goal.


Our Story

ROSE was founded by Amanuel Tsegai in 2017 with a single product and a simple philosophy in mind. Products we look at and use everyday should be pleasing to look at and easy to use. The philosophy is simple, however, majority of the products we see today are not designed with that in mind. They are designed based on how easy they are to manufacture. This backwards process is what makes every product look the same. Additionally, these products are not as user-friendly as you can make them because the human element is a second thought.


With that mindset, we spend our time innovating on not only designing beautiful products that are easy to use but on manufacturing processes along with our partners to make the concepts a reality.