Rose Releases the Coffee Ceremony Table

We're excited to announce we're officially releasing our coffee ceremony table today, May 23rd. The coffee ceremony is a world renowned activity spring from the East African countries Ethiopia and Eritrea. The activity, practiced at least on Sundays and on every holiday, is famous for brining people together; families, friends all gather around the person making the coffee, usually the mother, and chit-chat and enjoy snacks as the coffee brews and fills the air with the unmistakable coffee aroma.

The ceremony usually takes hours as the people gather around and enjoy several rounds of coffee served in small espresso-like cups called "Finjal". The coffee is brewed on the famous "Jebena", usually hand crafted terra-cotta, and served for three rounds for each person.

Growing up in Eritrea, the coffee ceremony was something everyone in the family looked forward to. Without skipping a week, our family gathered on Sunday morning after a late breakfast to sit and talk about our week, enjoy some popcorn, dates and other snacks as we watched our mother make the exquisite coffee.

The table my mother had was a small, white, boxy-looking one that I never forget. Watching it get wheeled out of the pantry always meant we're going to have a relaxing Sunday. The coffee table is something you look at for hours as the ceremony chugs along, so when I was designing our table and going over several design ideas, I kept reminding myself that this must be pleasant to look at, easy to use and most importantly, timeless. Each family typically has one table that lasts decades. Usually gifted our bought early in one's life, it's as cherished as much as the "Jebena". So I hope our Rose coffee ceremony table will bring you many memorable moments in your life as it brings together your loved ones and spreads that unmistakable coffee aroma we all love.