Rose Industrial Injera Grills Enters Testing Phase

We're super excited to announce that our industrial version of the injera grill has entered the testing phase after months of design and prototyping.

We have spent a lot of time interviewing small business owners who sell injera/taita to households and restaurants and addressed the difficulties they have with their current solution. By using our efficiency and safety aimed technology, we developed the Rose Industrial Injera Grill.

First look at the Rose Industrial Injera Grill

The entire body is made up of high grade, light aluminum to ensure long service periods and durability. The highly vented body (designed in the shape of injera) ensures the grill stays cool as long as possible in addition to its already state of the art heating core that directs all its energy to the injera instead of itself.

The square shape of the Rose Industrial Injera Grill allows it to be easily stacked next to each other for maximum productivity for those selling injera.


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