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Rose Releases the Coffee Ceremony Table

We're excited to announce we're officially releasing our coffee ceremony table today, May 23rd. The coffee ceremony is a world renowned activity spring from the East African countries Ethiopia and Eritrea. The activity, practiced at least on Sundays and on every holiday, is famous for brining people together; families, friends all gather around the person making the coffee, usually the mother, and chit-chat and enjoy snacks as the coffee brews and fills the air with the unmistakable coffee aroma.

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Ethiopia Floods Cabinet, Supreme Court, and Presidential Seat With Women

Ethiopia has, within the last few weeks, flooded the ranks of its government with women. The cabinet is now 50% female, a female President has been appointed, and a female Supreme Court justice has been nominated. Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopia’s new female President is the first female head of state in Africa, a historical moment for many.  

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A Look Into Our Design Process.

  Rose began with pages and pages and pages of sketches. The forms and materials needed to pay respect to the forms of East African ceramics, with subtle tapers and cohesive forms sculpted from a single piece of clay. While we knew this rich tradition would guide many of our decisions, the design needed to aesthetically communicate the modernity of the technology inside, as well. This was accomplished by distilling the more complicated forms and patterns of East African tradition into their true geometric equivalent. What resulted were forms that were much more refined and monolithic. The inset handles, carved out of the wood of the body, reflect that cohesiveness of the ceramics, also made from one unified piece of...

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